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General Litigation

General Litigation

Has any other lawyer you know taken a case to the United States Supreme Court and won?

From contract disputes to real estate matters to business fights, Adam has litigated a wide variety of
cases in a wide variety of courts. The common thread is that every client wants to achieve their goals
and to have a skilled advocate on their side. Whether yours is a small matter or a bet-the-company
fight, Adam knows how to win.

Representative cases:

  • Fighting the IRS – In 2017, a small insurance services company hired Adam to fight the IRS over an illegal regulatory rule that the IRS had created that threatened to destroy the small business. Adam—along with a small team of other elite lawyers—fought the IRS through federal court, the Court of Appeals, and eventually to the U.S. Supreme Court. And they won! All nine Supreme Court Justices agreed that Adam and his client were right and the IRS was wrong. You can read Adam’s brief here and the Court’s decision here.
  • The Case of the Bad Beau – A young woman came into Adam’s office. Her abusive ex-boyfriend had sued her for over $20,000—damages he alleged was the value of the property she “stole” from him after he was dragged from their apartment and arrested for domestic violence. Adam agreed to represent the woman pro bono. When the day of trial came, Adam began to cross- examine the ex-boyfriend using the boyfriend’s recent bankruptcy application where he had sworn—under penalty of federal perjury—that he owned none of the sort of property he alleged as stolen. After claiming that he didn’t really read his bankruptcy petition, the judge stated that there would be a recess and, if he came back into trial, he might want to worry about perjury charges. Twenty minutes later, in the hallway outside the court, the boyfriend agreed to dismiss his case and to pay Adam’s client $5,000 for her troubles.