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Security Clearance

Security Clearance

Adam assists federal contractors, government, and military employees apply for and
keep their security clearances. As often happens, during the government’s application
and review process, “red flags” are raised by government investigators. These may be
the result of bad luck, life mistakes, youthful indiscretions, or simple misunderstandings.
We have assisted many individuals with presenting their best case and ensuring that
they receive and keep the security clearance they need to perform their job. Adam can
prepare your formal response to security investigators and, if necessary, represent you
in front of the administrative law judge who may decide your case.

Representative Cases:

Financial Considerations – Adam represented an applicant for security clearance who had
been the victim of a financial “perfect storm.” The client had been a successful
entrepreneur; running a successful business buying, renovating, and selling houses in
lower-income neighborhoods. When the mortgage crisis came, he was financially
ruined—he was left deep in debt. Adam successfully resolved the Department of Defense’s
concerns regarding whether his financial issues made him a security risk by showing that
he had been a victim of the national financial meltdown and that he was a loyal and
trustworthy candidate for a high-level security clearance.

Personal and Criminal Conduct – Adam has represented several clients whose past use of
illegal narcotics became an issue in their application for security clearance. In one
particular case, the client had smoked marijuana during college. His first post-college job
was with a military contractor who wanted to promote him to a job that required security
clearance. He was initially denied security clearance. With his new promotion on the line,
we successfully advocated that his past drug use was youthful experimentation, that he did
not use drugs today, and that drugs held no place in his adult life. Our appeal was
successful and his security clearance was granted.

Mental Health Issues – In a very interesting case, Adam represented a long-time military
employee who was initially denied the renewal of his security clearance. The client had
been unlucky in love—two failed relationships had left him financially destitute and
depressed. The depression had led to prescription drug issues and a minor criminal
incident. His financial debt was also a concern to the security investigators. We were able
to demonstrate that this was a situation that was unlikely to reoccur, that he had gotten the
professional help he needed, and that our client had taken positive steps to fix his financial
position and his lovelife. His security clearance was renewed.